Our pricing plan made simple

$ 1,000 /mo


  • 2 Users
  • 10k monthly queries
  • 100k max records (at a time) *
$ 1,600 /mo


  • 5 Users
  • 50k monthly queries
  • 250k+** max records (at a time) *
$ 2,500 /mo


  • 8 Users
  • 100k monthly queries
  • 500k max records (at a time) *
$ 5,500 /mo


  • 12 Users
  • 250k monthly queries**
  • 1m+ max records*** (at a time) *
*Each time you executed a new model to train, these are the maximum number of records from your data source you can train on.
**Additional $0.005 for each query over the 250,000 limit.
***Additional record capacity is available for add-on cost that will be directed towards more capable cloud servers to handle load.

All subscriptions plan include these powerfull features

We add new tools and features regularly.

Predictive Recommendations

Predictive search results using Auto Suggest mechanism: Suggesting search terms and recommending results

Relevant Smart Search

Relevant search results rooted in user historical behavior and Document Quality using Pairwise and Listwise ranking as well as AutoML

User Personalization

Personalized search results focused on User attributes for known users like age, gender, location and any other custom attribute.

Insights and Intelligence

You will also have a number of reports and dashboards showing you insights on the performance of SearchBoost.ai, including in your data analytics and in our own dashboard.